Coming Soon- THe Shifter Wars Saga.

Also, check out the acclaimed super hero adult action series, Earth's First, Books 1-4

The Girl With The Good Magic


Allie Caine's quiet existence in her sleepy little North Carolina town has just come under supernatural fire.  Warlocks, demons, and shape shifters are starting to appear in the world of man once again, and it's up to Allie and her fledging magical abilities to once again restore balance to the world of the supernaturals.  But will her power stop the coming Dark Age or will she be the key to finally bringing down the veil between the world of the living and that of the creatures that go bump in the night?

Earth's First

Single mother Maura Riley is thrust into a world of intrigue and action when she makes first contact with an alien species that literally crash lands on Earth.  Exposure to this being changes Maura and life on Earth as we know it.  Can her new found abilities help to prevent an all out war with a wrathful alien race bent on conquering everything in the known universe?

Dark Days
Earth's First Book Two


War is coming to Earth.  Maura and her friends find themselves on the run from not only the alien race of invaders bent on destroying the Earth but also shadow factions within their own government that want to use her as a living weapon.  New allies are found, and even greater enemies appear in the second book of the action packed Earth's First saga.

A Hero Rises
Earth's First Book Three

In the final battle between Earth's defenders and the invading Anisari aliens, Maura and her friends find themselves aboard the alien mother ship as they take the war to the invaders.  But will even their combined powers be enough to withstand the full force of an alien horde that has already conquered the known universe?  Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the Earth's First saga.

Rise Of The Acolytes
Earth's First Book Four

After returning to Earth, Maura and her friends are still dealing with the losses that came with their triumph over the alien conquerers known as the Anisari.  But before they can try to settle in and rebuild their lives, they are dealt a new blow by enemies both domestic and foreign who want to use the technology left over from the alien war to create new biologic weapons in a race to control the new world order that is rising.  

A thrilling new chapter begins in the acclaimed Earth's First saga.